Skåne - dynamic region and co-production experience

A new Local Interaction Platform has been established in the Skåne region and hosted by Malmö University. A regional consortium of three universities, including Malmö, Lund and SLU, the agricultural university, one city, so far - Malmö - and the Region Skåne was approved by the board of Mistra Urban Futures at the board meeting in Gothenburg 21-22 March 2016. Discussions with more Skåne cities are on-going.

The platform includes a strong academic presence, with the social sustainability and real estate science profile in Malmö, the eco system services expertise at SLU and the broad range of subjects related to sustainable urban development at Lund University. There is also a long tradition of collaboration between universities and society.


  • Barry Ness

    Director of the Mistra Urban Futures Skåne Platform.

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