The risk of corruption and fraud is something we cannot ignore. At Mistra Urban Futures we align with the policy of Chalmers University of Technology, our host. The university has an interactive online education with the main purpose of giving employees knowledge about how to prevent and distinguish corruption and fraud. The education is aimed for ALL employees at Chalmers and addresses issues such as:

•    What is corruption and fraud?
•    How does it occur?
•    What are the warning signs?
•    How do we work to prevent and counteract?
•    What responsibility do I have as an employee?


The education is distributed through the Edx Edge learning platform and takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. Edx Edge has an automatic bookmark feature that allows you to pause the education and resume it again at another time. The training is available to all employees at Chalmers. Find the education here. 

Target group

The managers receive a special invitation to the education as the area is part of the management assignment. The training is available to all employees at Chalmers. For Mistra Urban Futures the training is mandatory when you start your employment as well as for consultants.

Part of introduction to Mistra Urban Futures

This online education is part of the introduction check-list when you start your employment with Mistra Urban Futures. The education should be completed preferable within a month after you started your employment and reported to the Centre Assistant when completed. 

All Local Interaction Platform Directors and its staff within Mistra Urban Futures have been asked to do the interactive online education by 31 August 2018. Local Interaction Platform Directors have also received recommendation that all partners accomplish the education as well.