Buenos Aires put focus on youth and the Development Goals

Buenos Aires is since 1880 capitol of the republic Argentina. The city is cituated at Río de la Platas southern beach and have approximately 2,9 miljoner inhabitants. 

12,8 million inhabitants in the greater areas of the capitol and surroundings. Over the years, many people have immigrated to the Argentinian capital from all over the world, causing the city to be made up of many cultures with a particularly strong European influence.

The City of Buenos Aires has committed to work on the SDGs by signing an agreement with the National Government of Argentina. As part of this commitment, the City has taken significant steps to adapt the SDGs to the local level. One of these steps has been a communication and awareness raising campaign focussed on youth, which included the development of video games about the SDGs (link). 
Through the project’s partnership and together with the City’s Housing Institute, the City has also been working on adapting the SDGs’ indicators relevant to housing and habitat to the needs of Buenos Aires.  

In 2018, The Observatory on Latin America (OLA), The New School, and the Center for Social and Legal Studies [Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS)], Argentina, were working with the Under Secretary for Strategic Management and Institutional Quality [Subsecretaría de Gestión Estratégica y Calidad Institucional (SGEyCI)], Buenos Aires City Government [Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (GCBA)], in a collaborative agenda focused on the way in which the city government is localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD). In addition, the OLA, the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires [Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo, Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU, UBA)], and the GCBA, organized the conference “Contributions for Urban 20 (U20): Co-production of Knowledge in the Metropolitan Dimension”, in Buenos Aires on October 24th. 

David Simon, Director of MISTRA Urban Futures (MUF), among other representatives from academia, the public sector, and NGO, was specially invited to participate in this event. This conference was designed to support the process of the U20, the 20 major cities of the G20 countries that met in Buenos Aires on October 29th-30th 2018. 

Finally, the OLA, and the City Institute of Housing [Instituto de Vivienda de la Ciudad (IVC)], GCBA, set up a workshop called “Urban Knowledge Dialogues”, in which also participated David Simon and Sandra Valencia, Coordinator of the SDG Project, Mistra Urban Futures. 

Short curios facts: The streets in many parts of Buenos Aires are organized much like the streets of New York City, with grids. This makes it very easy to get around the city, especially with the amount of transportation that is offered.

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Photo by: Airessander Crombach, Unsplash.com

Implementing the New Urban Agenda and The Sustainable Development Goals: Comparative Urban Perspectives.
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