In March 2017 a Mistra Urban Futures node was established in Stockholm, thus connecting the three cities initially competing for the Mistra grant to establish an international centre for sustainable urban development in Sweden, i.e. Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm.

The new node in Stockholm is the result of a year-long development period including partners like Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Openlab.

The Openlab is a centre for researchers and students at the Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and an arena for collaboration with public partners such as the City, the Region and the County of Stockholm.

The Stockholm region is internationally renowned for its climate and sustainability work, and the need for transdisciplinary arenas for collaboration between different sectors, actors and levels has been identified and acknowledged. The Mistra Urban Futures node, with access to the experience and knowledge of the centre and its global platforms, and the Openlab as a neutral arena constitute an opportunity to make significant contributions to the development in Stockholm as well as in the global context.

A consortium has been established to support the new Stockholm node, consisting of

The Stockholm Node will be located at the Openlab, and led by a team of Sara Borgström, assistant professor at KTH, and Ivar Björkman, director of the Openlab. 


Photo:, Tommie HansenDjurgårdsbron, tram and a pink sunset (Stockholm)



  • Sofie Pandis Iveroth

    Sofie is the Project Coordinator & Project Manager for the Stockholms Node.

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  • Sara Borgström

    Sara is the convener of the Management group for the Stockholm Node. She is Assistant Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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  • Ivar Björkman

    Ivar is the Interim Co-director for the Stockholm Node. 

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