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By Stephen G Agong' on 25 aug, 2020

Protecting and preserving tangible and intangible cultural heritage could be a critical and valuable work for developing sustainable livelihoods and to support community empowerment in the Lake Victoria region. Such interventions are also expected to improve equality and support minority groups, writes Stephen G Agong', vice chancellor of JOOUST and director of the KLIP Trust.

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By Warren Smit on 18 aug, 2020

There are, of course, many reasons why informal settlements should be upgraded, but the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the urgency of upgrading informal settlements so as to reduce the risk of infectious disease in these high-risk areas, Warren Smit writes about the situation in the districts of Khayelitsha and Klipfontein in Cape Town.

By Helena Kraff on 04 dec, 2019

The Formas funded research project The role of tourism in multicultural societies (TiMS) was initiated in collaboration between the Gothenburg, Skane and Kisumu local interaction platforms. Its central objective is to explore the role of tourism in multicultural societies, in Sweden and beyond, and to act towards the embracement and representation of diversity in tourism development and place branding. One of the cases in the project explores the process behind the creation of events that aims to be transformative, inclusive and express cultural diversity. For example, how can such events...

By andershanson on 05 nov, 2019

Kelham Island, and its adjoining area of Neepsend, is probably best known to Sheffielders for two things - its museum and its beer. Kelham Island Museum was opened by Sheffield City Council in 1982 at a time when the city's traditional steel industry was in sharp decline and now plays a key role in Sheffield’s heritage and culture scene. The Kelham Island Brewery, formed in the backyard of the Fat Cat pub in 1990, kickstarted Kelham Island’s position at the heart of the city's - and Britain's - real ale revival. The brewery still exists and has now been joined by numerous other breweries and...

By richardgoulding on 30 okt, 2019

Central Manchester’s apartment boom has become a matter of running controversy in recent years. The city’s political leaders and development industry argue this has brought renewed growth after 20th Century decline brought on by deindustrialisation. Critics point to disconnect between cranes on the skyline and a crisis of street and ‘hidden’ homelessness, asking who benefits from the city’s regeneration. As part of the 4th Realising Just Cities Conference funded by Mistra Urban Futures, Dr Jon Silver of the University of Sheffield’s Urban Institute and myself hosted delegates from Sheffield,...