By K.Diprose N.Taylor-Buck on 08 okt, 2018

High-level political commitment and support for the SDGs is a key feature in countries that are particularly progressive in delivering on them, write Nick Taylor Buck and Kristina Diprose from Mistra Urban Futures and the University of Sheffield’s Urban Institute.

manchester mistra urban futures

By Laura Williams on 12 sep, 2018

The idea was simple: bring together a diverse group stakeholders including climate activists, energy practitioners, politicians, researchers and others to re-design energy provision in Greater Manchester, Laura Williams writes. She is a member of the 'Action Research Collective' at our platform in Sheffield-Manchester.

By Charlie Spring on 24 aug, 2018

Food system thinkers and actors from across the North of England were invited by SAFE and Sustainable Food Cities to an event for future collaborations. Charlie Spring writes about regional collaborations, including academic institutions, to shape more positive and systemic change.