Reflection when Formulating


Important whn working with joint knowledge production is to continuosly reflect over what is happening, what has been done and what the next stage looks like. During a kick-off, or before the project really enters the next phase, the implementation phase, it is important to review the project jointly in relation to the qualities for joint knowledge production.


  • Have we made use of a suitable method, or methods, for identifying project participants?
  • Which aspects of the problem area do we jointly cover?
  • Are we lacking representatives for important perspectives?
  • What can we do about this?
  • What does the work plan/project plan look like, and how did we arrive at it?
  • Which elements do we intend to cooperate on now, and why?
  • Which elements do we intend to work on individually, and why?
  • How did we work on the mapping/formulation of the problem area?
  • Does everyone agree with the purposes and starting points of the project?
  • Are all the project managers' interests and perspectives included in the formulation of the project problem?
  • Whose perspectives were instrumental in the formulation of the problems, and how are other problems linked to this perspective?
  • What are the current plans for the results?
  • What strategies do you have for ensuring that the results will be meaningful for those affected?
  • Are there plans for the use of the expected results?