Stakeholder Analysis


An external and stakeholder analysis identify the actors, authorities and organisations who have experience of, and who can contribute to, the development of knowledge in the area in question. It need not be especially difficult nor time-consumting to perform a stakeholder analysis in conjunction with the formulation of the project.


I. Gather participants

Gather those who participates in the project. 3-6 people is a sufficiently large group for conducting the first analysis.

II. Stakeholders

Start with discussing possible stakeholders:

  • Who will influence the project?
  • Who will the project influence?
  • Who will have experience of the problem?

III. Conduct an analysis:

  • How much influence/knowledge does the stakeholder have on the project issue?
  • Is the stakeholder primarily one who influences or who is influenced by the project issue?
  • What is the stakeholder's attitude to the project issue - is it primarily positive or negative?

IV. Documentation

Document and save the analysis and the discussions you have had.

  • They form an important document for the participants, but also for those who are invited to join the project as a result of the analysis.

Tip! It is important for the mapping to be started as soon as the project gets under way. Since a stakeholder analysis is actually never finalised the analysis may need to be updated several times during the formulation phase.