Initiatives for intercultural exchange

Hultdin, A. (2020) Initiatives for intercultural exchange. Mistra Urban Futures Papers 2020:1

Gothenburg Kisumu
Publication type
Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
Turismens roll i multikulturella samhällen (TiMS)
Alice Hultdin
Published year



This report presents the results of a comparative study between Sweden and Kenya made on initiatives for intercultural exchange during 2019. The main study is conducted by two researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and one researcher at Maseno University, Kenya. The study is funded by Formas, Sida and Mistra Urban Futures. The author of this report worked as project assistant for three months, from June to December 2019, conducting interviews, observations as well as practical and administrative work in relation to case studies in the project TiMS - the role of tourism in multicultural societies.

The two locations (Kisumu, Kenya and Dals Långed, Sweden) provide contexts for a discussion on challenges and opportunities regarding migration and urbanisation and how they can be utilized. The report presents studies made on initiatives aimed at intercultural exchange and social inclusion in relation to built environment and food events. The cases lay foundation for discussion on participatory approaches in place and destination development in rural and urban areas, and how aspects of diversity and multiculturalism are considered in the processes. This is followed by a discussion on what challenges and opportunities lay within projects that aim for intercultural exchange, how goals and intentions are responded to and what these projects contribute to on an individual and local level.

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