Citiscope New Partner of Mistra Urban Futures

Citiscope's editors and independent journalists publish articles and other news stories to help cities around the world to work with the challenges of climate change, poverty, congestions and urban qualities.

By telling stories in a credible way, Citiscope builds trust and draws attention to the world's cities innovative and imaginative steps to build sustainable futures for all citizens.

Citiscope is formally organised as a charity in the United States and it has received substantial funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. It was originally set up in 2009 by Neal Peirce, journalist and author of the book "Century of the City: No Time To Lose".

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Mistra Urban Futures partnership

As a service to the network of Mistra Urban Futures, stories originally published on Citiscope will be available through Mistra Urban Futures website, as well as links to additional material. Mistra Urban Futures will primarily mirror stories, comments, articles concerning the preparations for Habitat III in October 2016, called "Toward Habitat III", but also other links and material will be published and/or promoted. 

New posts will be promoted through Mistra Urban Futures Twitter feed, @mistraurbanfut, through newsletters and other media. Welcom to "Follow" the English language Twitter account and sign up for the Mistra Urbnan Futures Newsletter. For readers preferring Swedish language tweets, please also follow @urbanfuturesgot.