By David Simon on 19 Mar, 2019

The Nature of Cities is an international platform for transdisciplinary dialogue and urban solutions. The nature of cities facilitates the sharing of diverse, transformative ideas about cities as ecosystems of people, nature, and infrastructure. They are committed to the design and creation of better cities for all: cities that are resilient, sustainable, livable, and just. David Simon, director of Mistra Urban Futures, has been invitied to roundtables at Nature of cities and has recently contributed to a blog. Take part of the blog and read more about the Nature of cities work. David Simon...

By Sara Eliasson on 08 Mar, 2019

International Women’s Day 8th of March is a reminder that while progress has been made towards gender equality and women’s empowerment, there is still work to be done. The higher education sector is no exception. To bridge the gender gap and foster equality in research it is crucial hear from diverse female voices.

By nicktaylorbuck on 18 Feb, 2019

On the 31st January, the Whose Knowledge Matters project held a workshop to focus on citizens experiences of engaging plans, proposals and consultations in greater Manchester. The 2016 Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) generated debate in many sectors as to what the future of planning in greater Manchester should be. With the recent release of the newly released rewritten GMSF Jan (2019), there was an impetus to discuss citizens involvement in planning decisions. The workshop was a chance to share and review experiences of engaging with planners and officials, at neighbourhood,...

Workshop Manchester Coalition

By nicktaylorbuck on 18 Feb, 2019

Despite cold wet weather, on 29th January three dozen people made their way to the Anthony Burgess Institute in central Manchester to forge coalitions for change. There were policy-writers, public servants, charity workers, community group leaders and peer researchers, people who’d come representing something and people who’d come to use their own voice . The event followed months of thoughtful preparation. Many of those in the room were people who’d already engaged with some aspect of Jam and Justice’s action research. There was a buzz of anticipation as people seated themselves, ready to see...

By The Action Research Team on 28 Jan, 2019

Grassroots community workers in Manchester came together to consider how people participate in politics, applying the theory of “everyday makers”. The Action Research Team of the Jam & Justice project wrote this blog entry.