Mistra Urban Futures works with one of the most important societal challenges of our time: How can we achieve sustainable urban development within the planetary boundaries? 

We strive towards fair, green and accessible cities through collaborations between research and practice. Our networks are an opportunity for different actors from academy, practice and politics as well as business and civil society to meet. The networks are connected to different themes. They all focus on different wicked issues connected to sustainable urban development. Welcome to join and contribute to develop sustainable cities! 

As part of a Mistra Urban Futures’ open and free of charge networks you get the opportunity to: 

• Get inspired and supported in the strive to develop fair, green and accessible cities 
• Explore wicked urban issues in the interface between research and practice 
• Meet others that are interested in the same issues and to exchange knowledge and experiences 

The networks  

• Urban Food network 
• Network for learning about sustainable cities and regions (Lär-SUD)
• GoCreate 
• Urban Futures Research Network
• Sustainable Urban Mobility
• Climate friendly vacationing
• Migration and Urban Development

Urban Food network 

The Urban Food Network is coordinated with support from Mistra Urban Futures and gathers researchers, practitioners and Politician’s as well as actors from non-profit associations and the business sector. The network aims to create an extended collaboration between research and practice on urban food supply and urban resilience.

Network for learning about sustainable cities and regions (Lär-SUD)

The network for learning about sustainable cities and regions (Lär-SUD) is initiated by Mistra Urban Futures and is directed towards teachers, educators and academics that are interested in research and training within the area of sustainable urban development. The aim is to contribute to establish closer contacts between teachers, educators and researchers as well as strengthen research and teaching on sustainable urban development.

Jonas Franzén, projektledare, GR, Göteborgsregionens kommunalförbund,, telefon 031-335 50 31


GoCreate is a network that consists of co-creation process leaders. 
We believe that all affected actors must be involved in all processes and that learning across boundaries can be deepened through reflexive working methods. 

We would be happy to help you think about how best achieve this. 
We work as consultants and / or as employees in public organizations. 
We have experience with working in both municipal, private and non-profit organisations.

Sophia Kaså, Katalysator,


Urban Futures Research Network 

Urban Futures research network is a network of researchers interested in sustainable urban development and urban issues at universities and organisations that are partners to Mistra Urban Futures.


Ulrica Gustafsson, event manager, Mistra Urban Futures,

Climate friendly vacationing

The Network for climate friendly vacationing started in 2015 and includes practitioners and researchers from the Tourist Council in Western Sweden, the City of Gothenburg, Chalmers University and the University of Gothenburg. The purpose of the network is to exchange knowledge and information as well as to initiate new projects. During 2018 a project aimed at creating digital platform for climate friendly vacationing will be completed. The network is part of the Guiding Urban Transitions for Sustainability (GUTS) project. 

The network has developed the site and - a way to calcuate the emissions of your travel. 

Fredrik WarbergTidsverkstan,
Erik Lundberg, Centrum för turism, Göteborgs universitet.

Sustainable Urban Mobility

The network for sustainable urban mobility gathers practitioners and researchers from several organizations including the City of Gothenburg Stad, the The Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR), Region Västra Götaland (VGR), the Swedish Transport Administration, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Chalmers University. The aim is to share information about ongoing planning processes and research, to strengthen collaboration and to develop ideas for new projects. The network is coordinated as an activity under the Guiding Urban Transitions for Sustainability (GUTS) project.

Maja Wadstein, Göteborgsregionen GR:
Ana Gil Solá, Avdelningen för Kulturgeografi vid Göteborgs universitet:


Do you have questions about Mistra Urban Futures’ networks? Or want to initiate a network? Contact Sanna Isemo,, Co-ordinator Gothenburg Platform, Mistra Urban Futures