Mistra Urban Futures projects

Research projects form the core of Mistra Urban Futures’ activities. The projects focus on a range of urban development issues, all contributing with knowledge to promote sustainable urbanisation where cities are Fair, Green and Accessible. 

The approach of generating knowledge and understanding through co-creation is vital in all our projects as they draw upon both theory and practice in equal measure. Below you will find descriptions of both ongoing and finished projects. Please do not hesitate to use the filter-icon (button) below to find projects, publications and people. 

Participatory Cities
Gothenburg, Cape Town, Sheffield-Manchester, Kisumu, Skåne
Formative evaluation of Gothenburg Innovation Platform, Phase 2
Storstädernas jämlikhetsarbete
Göteborg, Skåne, Stockholm
Sustainable Neighbourhood Development Panel
Impact of Participation
Implementing the New Urban Agenda and The Sustainable Development Goals: Comparative Urban Perspectives
Gothenburg, Cape Town, Sheffield-Manchester, Kisumu, Skåne, Buenos Aires , Shimla
Antologi Innovation för hållbar stadsutveckling
Göteborg, Skåne, Stockholm
Urban Public Finance
Cape Town, Kisumu, Global
Klimatomställning Göteborg
Transboundary Research Collaborations for Poverty Alleviation:  An evaluation against 11 principles of transboundary research  ​​​​​​​
Gothenburg, Kisumu
The role of trust in street-level organisations within integration projects
CityAirSim ska visa hur trafik, grönska och tätt byggande påverkar stadsluften
Jam and Justice
Migration and Urban Development
Gothenburg, Kisumu, Skåne
Lövgärdet for Sustainable Neighbourhood Transformation