Mistra Urban Futures'process concerning personal data

The data subject consents to the processing of personal data by Mistra Urban Futures/ Chalmers tekniska högskola AB as specified below:  

The categories of personal data collected are: Newsletter or/ and event which is e-mail address, corporation address or/ and corporation phone. 
The personal data is collected from the following sources: The registered itself states. 
The personal data is stored for the time period described below: For the time period of the Newsletter or event 
Personal data will be collected for the purpose of informing about Newsletter and event. The data subject consents to the processing of personal data for these purposes. The consent can be revoked any time by sending a written notice to the contact detailed specified below. A revoked consent will not affect the ongoing processing of collected personal data. 
The data subject has a right to request information, once a year free of charge, about personal data that is collected and processed by Chalmers. If the personal data is incorrect, the data subject can request correction of personal data. The data subject may also object to, limit the processing of and request the deletion of personal data by Chalmers. Chalmers can only delete personal data if there is not a mandatory requirement or other legitimate purpose for storing the personal data. The data subject can contact Chalmers via the following contact details: 

Controller of personal data: 
Chalmers tekniska högskola AB, 412 96,  Göteborg.  Data Protection Officer:  Anne-Marie Achrenius
Email: dataskydd@chalmers.se 
You can always contact Mistra Urban Futures directly at mistraurbanfuturesdataskydd@chalmers.se  
See website for further contact details: https://www.mistraurbanfutures.org/en 


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