Urban Futures Open Research School

Mistra Urban Futures’ Gothenburg platform (GOLIP) has initiated an Open Research School on transdisciplinarity and co-production in response to current and future urban challenges.

In close interplay between researchers from all disciplines and practices, the Research School aims to address the research agenda of Mistra Urban Futures, that is, Realising Just Cities

Open – Academy and society 

The Research School attempts to create a collaborative environment and is therefore open for both PhD students within the field and practitioners working with sustainable urban development within public or private organisations. The school also encompasses the PhD students currently tied to the Gothenburg platform and builds on the experiences from previous PhD students, connected to the centre as a whole.

Courses on Co-production 

New course! When writing matters: Exploring writing as inquiry. Fall 2019, 4,5 ECTS. Read more 

Co-producing knowledge in transdisciplinary research – From practice to theory. Two PhD courses for 2018-19, 2x7.5 ECTS. Read more 


The mission of the Research School is to:

- Produce research of international excellence and to train PhDs with a solid experience and knowledge of transdisciplinary co-creation for just and sustainable cities.  

- To contribute to urban development, by adapting and rendering access to the Research School for professionals through educational activities – an Open Research School. 

- To make the knowledge-creating processes interact with the urban processes, to develop innovative ideas and sustainable practices.  

- To have an international impact on the research field of transdisciplinary sustainable urban development and become leading within the field. 

- To accumulate research networks in realising just cities competencies, in academia as well as in the wider society.

Programme set-up – courses, workshops and seminars 

The Urban Futures Open Research School will offer courses on transdisciplinary methods and epistemology, scenario methodologies, holistic thinking and visualization, and eventually, thematic courses relating to the research topics of study. 

The research school will also provide activities on critical reflection on co-production as well as the role of the PhD student in processes of co-production in relation to scientific methods, quality, relevance and social utility. International seminars will be held connected to the Mistra Urban Futures’ international network and platforms. 

The participants of the school will be invited to take part in Mistra Urban Futures’ annual international conference. Workshops and courses for both academia and society/industry in co-production and reflexive support will also be offered.


Henrietta Palmers, Research School Director and Deputy Scientific Director, Mistra Urban Futures, henrietta.palmer@chalmers.se, phone: +46-76 60 55 307. 

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