Search instructions

Mistra Urban Futures provides serveral pages where content can be searched for and where search filters will constrain what content is listed.

Search filters

Filters are exposed by clicking the "filters" button. Each filter category will allow you to filter on a specific item. This could be the local interaction platform (i.e. Gothenburg, Cape Town, Sheffield-Manchester, Global, ...) or it could be the project status (Ongoing / Finished) or any other parameter applicable for a specific view.

When using the search filters, the following rules apply:

  • Each filter will show a number within paranthesis (), denoting the number of records within that filter category;
  • When multiple filters are selected, content belonging to any selected category will be listed;
  • If no filter is selected, all items within a specific category are shown;
  • The reset link allows you to reset filters and start over.

Search queries

When using the "search by terms" functionality, the following rules apply:

  • Queries within quotation marks (e.g. "mistra urban futures") will match only the complete string within quotation;
  • By appending search terms with a +, each term must be part of the result set;
  • By appending search terms with a -, they are required not to be part of the result set;
  • Multiple search terms, separated by a space, will match any of the terms.