Knowledge Agenda for Sustainable Development 2016

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During 2015, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö have gathered around a common description and knowledge gaps within urban development. The aim is to support and strengthen the dialogue between the cities and national and regional research bodies, both public authority and research funders, universities and institutes. There is a need to take actions together to meet the national challenges and needs within urban development. The knowledge agenda is a foundation for research-political argumentation and for unified actions and priorities between the cities. The work is a contribution to establishing a Swedish area of strength within research on urban development.    

To create background material for the knowledge agenda for sustainable development, there has been a survey carried out, regarding what the three Swedish city-regions see as crucial societal changes and what strategies they apply to meet these challenges. A basis for the agenda has been put together through the studying of municipal strategy and policy documents, and has then been gone through and revised by workshops in the three cities. The knowledge agenda has gathered public officials on high posts, and researchers engaged in collaboration with the municipalities in the three cities.     

The project is a Mistra Urban Futures initiative, and a part in establishing itself in Stockholm and Malmö. It is a spin-off of the project Innovation Platform Gothenburg.

Photo from Almedalen 2015 (official Swedish annual political focus week), where the knowledge agenda was presented. Photographer: Jan Riise.


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Project members

  • Kerstin Elias

    Kerstin Elias is an expert in urban development at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

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  • Mikael Cullberg

    Mikael Cullberg, Head of County Governor´s office, The County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland

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Ann-Louise Hohlfält

Ann-Louise Hohlfält is in charge of planning within the koordination function at the local authority of City of Gothenburg. She is responsable for the city's research and innovation strategy. Ann-Louise Hohlfält was formerly leading the Mistra Urban Futures' Gothenburg platform.

Helen Arfvidsson

Dr Helen Arfvidsson is the Lead Researcher for Pilot Project to Test Potential Targets and Indicators for the Urban Sustainable Development Goal 

Philip Thörn

Philip Thörn är gruppchef för Politik- och ekonomigruppen på IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet. Philip var tidigare, tillsammans med Ulf Moback Göteborg stad, projektledare för pilotprojektet Klimatanpassad stadsstruktur: scenarier för framtida Frihamnen. 

Julia Fredriksson

Julia Fredriksson, PhD and Head of Division at Urban Design and Planning, Chalmers.