ICLEI Realising Just Cities Mistra Urban Futures

Towards Realising Just Cities

The ‘Towards Realising Just Cities’ session presents the latest research and knowledge concerning the implementation of the Urban SDG, contributing to a transition towards inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities – with the New Urban Agenda’s ‘Leave no one behind’ as a motto for fairness and justice. Based on experiences in a number of primarily intermediate cities in several continents, the session opens up for comments and discussion regarding cities’ and local governments’ participation in and commitment to the ongoing development. Particular attention will be paid to urban public finance, e.g. for implementation of SDGs and the New Urban Agenda. 

Panel participants: David Simon, Director, Mistra Urban Futures, Gothenburg; Liza Cirolia, African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town; Warren Smit, Platform director, Mistra Urban Futures, Cape Town; Sara Pettersson, City of Gothenburg. Facilitator: Jan Riise, Mistra Urban Futures




Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Bonn

The session is part of Resilient Cities 2018 organised by ICLEI