The Urban Futures Open Research School – now open for applications. Apply no later than May 27th!

Taking on complex challenges – demanding a transdiciplinary approach 

Developing sustainable cities is one of our time greatest challenges. Cities face major challenges such as climate change, large demographic changes, increased segregation and complex governance. These are challenges that cannot be solved by one organisation or sector, cooperation is needed.

Co-produced research is an emerging approach addressing the complexity of these challenges. Learn how in the Urban Futures Open Research School course, apply May 27th at the latest. 

Together for new knowledge

What happens when people who work with complex urban problems on a daily basis and researchers who highlight such challenges in their doctoral studies come together and learn from each other? Two that knows are Alexandra Westin and Lisa Örberg, thanks to Mistra Urban Futures Open Research School. Read more in this interview. 

About the course – for PhD students and practitioners 

The course Co-production in action – from practice to theory (2x7,5 ECTS) is divided into two parts. The first course will be conducted fall 2018, starting in September and the second during spring, starting in January. Its directed towards you who are dealing with so called ‘wicked urban problems’ in your daily practice or who aim to address such current and future urban challenges in your PhD research. This course gives insight into urban dilemmas from both practice and academic research perspectives and provides tools, methods and theory for transdisciplinary research. The course is carried out by Mistra Urban Futures/ Chalmers. Lecturers will be both Swedish and international from the Mistra Urban Futures network. Last day to apply is May 27th 2018. 

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About the Urban Futures Open Research School  
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Research School Director: Henrietta Palmer, 
Coordinator: Elma Durakovic, 


  • Course Plan: Co-producing knowledge in transdisciplinary research – From practice to theory
  • Kursplan: Medskapande av kunskap i transdisciplinär forskning – från praktik till teori
  • Kursblad hösten 2018