URBAN-NEXUS is working to develop a long term partnership. This partnership will promote collaboration on urban development issues between a wide variety of stakeholders. An important goal is to improve collaboration between researchers and practitioners. Mistra Urban Futures contribution to the project is expertise within issues relating to sustainable land use in cities.

A Strategic Dialogue & Partnership Framework  in relation to these key dimensions of sustainable urban development will be developed:

  • Urban Climate Resilience
  • Health and Quality of Life
  • Integrated Urban Management
  • Integrated Data and Information
  • Competing for Urban Land

URBAN-NEXUS is all about enabling knowledge transfer and dialogue to form long-lasting partnerships in and between cities and regions to deal with integrated sustainable urban development. In order to achieve a sustainable city, a vast range of interconnected issues need to be linked up: these include environment and urban planning, energy, water scarcity, transport, tourism, technology and innovation, governance and education, social equity and cohesion, and sustainable consumption.

Final conference: Engaging society for a sustainable city, 18 June Brussels

The Final Conference will be held in Brussels on June 18 and will promote integrated strategies for sustainable urban development.  One of the key issues will be how to engage  all stakeholders and how to link the results with the European Urban Agenda. The program will have an interactive character which allows for plenty of interaction with other participants. Read more and sign up

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Olofsdotter, B., Chang, H-W., Kain, J-H. & Scurrell, B. (2013). Follow-up Report: Competing for Urban Land. (Report). Urban Nexus.
Type: Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
Olofsdotter, B., Björnberg, K., Chang, H-W., Kain, J-H., Linn, E. & Scurrell, B. (2013). Competing for Urban Land: Synthesis Report for Urban Nexus. Urban Nexus.
Type: Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief


  • Synthesis report: Health and Quality of Life in Urban Areas
  • Synthesis report: Urban Climate Resilience

Project members

  • Jaan-Henrik Kain
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Klas Andersson