Governance, Knowledge, Policy for Sustainability in Greater Manchester

Decisions about the future of Greater Manchester seem to be made by a small number of people. Yet many people, from a variety of walks of life, have views about what the future of Greater Manchester should look like. A series of issues are changing how Greater Manchester is led and organised and who is involved in making and implementing decisions. Alongside politicians and civil servants, a wide range of alternatives to existing approaches to sustainability are being developed.

This project will understand mainstream and alternative approaches to sustainability and encourage a dialogue between stakeholders engaged in the struggle for sustainable urbanism. The project is a partnership between the Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures at the University of Salford, the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities and Mistra Urban Futures. Through this approach, the project plays a role in influencing the decisions and choices of decision-makers and increasing dialogue between practitioners responsible for the sustainability of Greater Manchester.

Identifying pathways between mainstream and alternative approaches to sustainability through interviews, focus groups and an maintaining an updated baseline assessment are crucial aspects of the work carried out in the project.

This project is the Greater Manchester contribution to the international project Governance, Policy and Knowledge in Urban Sustainability.

Photo: Courtesy of Manchester City Council Press Office


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