Transdisciplinary collaboration to meet societal challenges

Joining forces for change is the theme of this year’s International Transdisciplinary Research Conference, ITD2019. During the conference, 250 scholars and practitioners from different disciplines, sectors and professions will gather in Gothenburg to discuss how to meet the challenges of the future – together. The conference is hosted by Mistra Urban Futures, td-net Network for Transdisciplinary Research and the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, on September 10-13 2019.

Transdisciplinary (TD) research focuses specifically on co-producing and integrating knowledge and expertise from a variety of sources, including communities, research, cities and businesses. It is an approach that is driven by the need to create processes where values and transformations towards a more just and sustainable society are openly debated.

Contributions from Mistra Urban Futures

Several researchers and practitioners connected to Mistra Urban Futures has contributed to the conference with papers and presentations including: 

The conference is taking place at the Wallenberg Conference Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. The participants come from 30 countries around the world and are both scholars and practitioners dealing with topics such as global governance, sustainable development, urban challenges, infrastructure, air pollution, natural resource- and climate management.

Merritt Polk, head of department at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, and one of the conference’s keynote speakers, says she is expecting many new insights regarding transdisciplinary work in the coming days. Read an interview with Merritt Polk here.

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Photo: Göteborg & Co  Anders Wester.