Engaging society for a sustainable city

URBAN-NEXUS Final Conference

European cities face many significant challenges, including the economic crisis, urban sprawl, and the longer-term implications of climate change and resource scarcity. Cities themselves currently account for around 70% of global emissions and are major contributors to the overall ecological footprint. However, cities present opportunities as well. Many cities are growing, and concentrations of people can lead to more efficient use of space, water, energy and other resources. More people means more creative ideas too. URBAN-NEXUS has lived up to this creativity and put forward new ideas to enhance urban sustainability.

The core of the project has been the promotion of a dialogue among European urban stakeholders on the following themes:
• Adapting to climate change;
• Increasing health and quality of life;
• Using land sustainably;
• Integrating urban management, Smart Cities;
• Integrating information and monitoring.

The Final Conference will be held in Brussels on June 18 and will promote integrated strategies for sustainable urban development. One of the key issues will be how to engage  all stakeholders and how to link the results with the European Urban Agenda. The program will have an interactive character which allows for plenty of interaction with other participants.

Visiting this event will be an opportunity to:
• Share knowledge with other researchers, urban professionals and practitioners from across the public, private and third sector;
• Learn more about integration perspectives that support effective governance;
• Relate issues on urban management that will lead to a ‘Sustainable city’;
• Develop connections and networks with other organisations to explore priorities and potential options for future cooperation and collaboration.

Are interested to join, please register now.

Date: Wednesday 18 June 2014
Time: 09:30 - 17:00
Venue: La Tricoterie, 158 Théodore Verhaegenstraat, Brussels
Financial support:  available for your travel to the conference and accommodation in Brussels; please contact Frieda Crooy ( Frieda.Crooy@platform31.nl ) to discuss your eligibility. Please be aware that places at the Dialogue Cafe and funding are limited.

Questions? Please contact urban.nexus@platform31.nl

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