ICLEI Resilient Cities Mistra Urban Futures

Migration and the Urban Sustainable Development Goal are two major topics at the upcoming ICLEI Resilient Cities conference in Bonn 4-6 May. Mistra Urban Futures' Director David Simon will give a keynote presentation and a panel session on Swedish cities' experiences of large number of migrants and refugees is also in the programme.

Resilient Cities is the annual forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation, arranged by ICLEI, the global network of cities, towns and regions. The Resilient Cities conference takes place in Bonn, Germany, 4-6 May and will be attended by several hundred representatives of cities and local governments from all over the world, researchers and civil society.

Mistra Urban Futures is well represented at the conference and in the conference programme. Centre Director, Professor David Simon gives a plenary keynote talk the first day, Gothenburg platform Director Margareta Forsberg moderates a session on migration and Engagement Manager Jan Riise is the facilitator of a session on Nordic Built Cities.

The migration session deals with comparative city perspectives on migration, based in part on the Swedish experiences of receiving large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers in 2015. The three largest cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, share their experiences and discuss what lessons can be learned.

The complete programme can be downloaded from the ICLEI Resilient Cities 2017 website

For further information, please contact Jan Riise phone +46 708 6428220.