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Karolina Skog visiting Mistra Urban Futures
From left: Henrietta Palmer, Margareta Forsberg, Karolina Skog and David Simon

Karolina Skog visits Mistra Urban Futures

Swedish Minister for Environment Karolina Skog visited Mistra Urban Futures at the beginning of February. The Centre presented the research agenda 'Realising Just Cities' and its work on Agenda 2030 and New Urban Agenda related issues, as well as a range of local projects.

Karolina Skog is Minister for Environment and also responsible for the field of urban development. This August, the Government will present a 'Communication' to Parliament regarding the governmental views on sustainable development, prepared by Karolina Skog and the Ministry, in collaboration with the Ministers for Housing and for Culture. This is the first time a Swedish Government is actually producing such a document; urban development issues have previously been regarded primarily as local or municipal responsibilities.

For more information, please contact Margareta Forsberg, director of the Gothenburg Local Interaction Platform.

Photo: David Jönsson