Climate policy, if I were Prime Minister in Sweden…

If I were Prime Minister, what actions would I take towards a climate neural Sweden? That was the question that Mistra and the Environmental Objectives Council asked eleven experts to answer. Henrietta Palmer, Deputy Scientific Director, Mistra Urban Futures was one of those experts. 

In the anthology Climate policy, if I were Prime Minister… (Klimatpolitiken, om jag var statsminister…) the experts outlines their answer to the question and the policies needed to enable Sweden to become climate neutral. To be able to reach this climate goal and to be able to be a role model for other countries around the world courageous and forceful actions are needed. Mistra and the Environmental Objectives Council aim with the anthology is to broaden the climate policy discussion. A number of individuals with longstanding experience and expertise from different parts of society and professions was therefore invited to reflect about the subject. 

Climate justice for all – message to the government 

Henrietta Palmer’s chapter focuses on suggestions on how cities can be planned and built in the future. The starting point is that we together need to create climate just cities for all. 

On September 16 2016 the anthology was presented to and handed over to Karolina Skog, Ministry of the Environment and Energy. 

Read more and download the anthology (in Swedish)