Future Earth and Future Urban Europe

Mikael Cullberg, Director of the Gothenburg Platform, Mistra Urban Futures will attend and speak at a workshop on Future Earth and Futures Urban Europe in Brussels, Belgium on 15 January. The workshop is co-organised by the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

One of the other speakers is Thomas Elmqvist, Stockholm Resilence Centre and member of Mistra Urban Futures board, who will present Future Earth and the vision for a European node of the Future Earth Urban Platform. Thomas Elmqvist, together with Mikael Cullberg, will speak about the Urban Sustainable Development Goals (Urban SDG) and the research for developing target and indicators connected to these.

Mistra Urban Futures is one of several partners of the Urban SDG Campaign which promotes a specific urban goal to be part of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals. As these are likely to be approved by the UN General Assembly in September 2015, there is an urgent need for scientists and stakeholders to engage and co-develop targets and indicators for these to be both evidence-based and operational.

About Future Earth

Future Earth is a new and very ambitious initiative in global change research which aims at tackling issues of global change and sustainable development from an integrated, interdisciplinary perspective and to provide solutions-oriented knowledge by co-designing and co-produce research in partnership with society and end-users of science.

Recently, Future Earth published its Strategic Research Agenda developed around eight challenges. Urban issues have been prioritised by Future Earth as one of these challenges.

Future Earth, which was formally initiated in 2013, is sponsored by the Alliance of Science and Technology composed of ICSU, ISSC, UNESCO, UNEP, UNU and the Belmont forum.

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