Mistra Urban Futures, The Delegation for Sustainable Cities and the City of Gothenburg arranged a roundtable discussion at Stockholm+40, an international conference on sustainable lifestyles and innovative solutions. The team of the discussion was Fair Urban Futures.

Sustainable innovation, production, and living are global challenges that are mainly manifested in urban areas. Cities are where economic and environmental ambitions meet the social dimensions, and thus also where they are most aptly addressed. The session focused on concrete urban measures and tools that may be used to stimulate and structure the social aspects, so that a truly integrated approach to sustainable development may be achieved.

The theme drew a large number of interested persons. 20 people the first round and 12 people the second round. A summary of the discussion was made and this will contribute to the discussions at Rio+20.

On 23-25 April 2012, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs hosted an international conference, Stockholm+40 - Partnership Forum for Sustainable Development, to commemorate the first UN Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972.

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