How should Sweden move forward with urban development?

Today, on 13 November the national conference ”Three years of urban development - what have we learned and how do we move forward?” is held in Stockholm, Sweden. The organisers of the conference are the Ministry of Labour, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the County Administrative Boards, the Employment Service and the Stockholm County Police.

Mistra Urban Futures representatives

Mikael Cullberg, Director of the Gothenburg Platform, Mistra Urban Futures will be the moderator of the conference. Focus is on the Government’s urban development initiative which has been carried out in nine municipalities and 15 city districts during 2012-2014. Ann Legeby, KTH School of Architecture will talk about the experiences from working with the metropolitan municipalities aiming to deepen and spreading knowledge on how segregation is connected to the built environment. This knowledge is based on the Mistra Urban Futures project “Divided City”, which Ann was the project leader of.

Minister for Housing and Urban Development participates

Mr Mehmet Kaplan, the Minister for Housing and Urban Development will conclude the day with a speech on the way forward during next year.

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Photo: News overview, Ann Legeby