Sweden invests in Sustainable Consumption

When Sweden kicks off the national work with UN:s 10 Year Framework Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production on April 3, Mistra Urban Futures is one of the key players.

Sweden has actively participated in the development and adoption of a global framework for sustainable consumption and production, which was agreed upon at Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, in 2012. According to the framework countries will have to start converting to sustainable consumption and production patterns in their respective countries as well as supporting developing countries in their transition.

The United Nations Environment Programme UNEP has been appointed as the secretariat for the implementation and their work has now begun. Consequently, time has come for Sweden to intensify its efforts on a national level. On April 3 the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency will therefore arrange a kick off in Stockholm.

Jörgen Larsson, researcher at Chalmers University and coordinator for Mistra Urban Futures project WISE Well-being in Sustainable Cities is one of the speakers. Jörgen is invited to speak about the report Low-carbon Gothenburg relative to the framework. Jessica Algehed, Acting Director, is one of the panellists discussing the importance of a shift towards sustainable consumption and production and how Sweden can contribute to that. Jessica is also one of the members in the national reference group.

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10 Year Framework Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production
A global framework of action to enhance international cooperation to accelerate the shift towards Sustainable Consumption and Production in both developed and developing countries.

WISE Well-being in Sustainable Cities
Read more about the project WISE Well-being in Sustainable Cities and download the brief Low-carbon Gothenburg - Technological potentials and lifestyle changes.