Realising Just Cities at Gothenburg Science Festival

Cities all over the world grow at an unprecedented speed. Within a few years, another 3 million people will be living in urban areas. This calls for significant efforts for sustainability, planning and participation of citizens to meet the challenges in a just way. Mistra Urban Futures is working on it.

This is an event within the programme of the International Science Festival Gothenburg, 13-17 April 2016. The presentation is for the general public, no registrations and with a "first come, first served" policy as the number of seats is limited.

Mistra Urban Futures' Director, Prof David Simon, will give an overview of the challenges ahead and the work being done by Mistra Urban Futures, in Gothenburg and at the four other local interaction platforms, in Lisumu, Kenya, Cape Town, Greater Manchester and Malmö/Skåne.

Welcome to Mistra Urban Futures!