Almedalen 2016 Mistra Urban Futures

Shaping Just and Sustainable Cities

Trans-disciplinary co-production of knowledge is necessary for sustainable urban development. This is an approach that involves many stakeholder categories such as citizens, city planners, policy-makers and both academic and non-academic researchers, and has met an increasing interest worldwide. Cities are seen as sources of innovations and solutions for the many challenges facing the world, not least climate change where many cities have committed to objectives that go further than those of their countries. Likewise, poverty reduction is not only a national issue: in many places jobs and wealth may be the result of local efforts to build an economy based on equality, inclusion, innovation and sustainability. Urban agriculture is increasingly seen as relevant to these challenges in many ways. Mistra Urban Futures works locally in Cape Town and Kisumu, Kenya, but also in Sweden and the UK. In this seminar, paths towards Just Cities will be discussed by researchers and practitioners.

Presentation in the Almedalen programme

Organised by Mistra Urban Futures

Place: Sida's arena 'Sverige i Världen', Donnersg 6, Visby

Time: Thursday 7 July 17:00-17:45