Cape Town Photo Martin Power

Integrating local and global agendas

The value of community-embedded, collaborative and comparative research is at the centre of a new blog post by Professor David Simon, director of Mistra Urban Futures. It was published today (12 July 2016) at two of OECD's major blogs: the 'Development Matters" and also at the African Economic Outlook.

In the blog post, David Simon connects the two processes of the Sustainable Urban Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda, that is expected to be the main outcome of the Habitat III conference in Quito this October. Then, it is argued, the Urban SDG (Goal 11) could be used for monitoring and evaluation of the activities and strategies foreseen in the New Urban Agenda.

The Urban SDG targets and indicators were tested and assessed for necessary development by a Mistra Urban Futures team in the (then) four platforms of the Centre,  in Cape Town, Kisumu, Manchester and Gothenburg, with Bangalore as a fifth partner. 

Read the complete blog at 'Development Matters'!

Photo: Martin Power / Wikimedia Common