The Östra hospital – the sustainable hospital site of the future

Östra sjukhuset a hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden is facing major changes. The buildings both need to be upgraded and adapted to the meet the needs of developing the health care. Through sustainable planning the work will support the Region Västra Götaland and the Sahlgrenska University Hospital's development. In 2011 a building plan and a technical supply plan was adopted. The plans will now be deepened in a strategic plan for the development of Östra sjukhuset with a focus on sustainable hospital planning.

The goal is that Östra sjukhuset becomes a pioneer in sustainable development for hospital areas. One of the starting points for the project is sustainable urban development with focus on minimizing the carbon footprint, inclusion, health and social sustainability. The detailed construction plan that is being developed will result in a long-term common vision for the development of the hospital all in line with the Region Västra Götaland's vision A good life.

The work is carried out in three focus areas, all with focus on ecological, economic and social sustainability:

1. The Sustainable Hospital
2. A neighborhood in the city
3. Healing care environment

Dialogue is central to the project as well as the multidisciplinary methodology based on collaboration and participation.


Hinnerson, J. & Jurin, A. (eds.). (2014). Östra sjukhuset: Framtidens hållbara sjukhusområde utgåva 2. Gothenburg: VGR Västfastigheter.
Type: Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief


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