Kommersen 2.0: Culture Analytical planning North Masthugget

Kommersen is a popular and distinctive building in North Masthugget in Gothenburg. The building contains possibilities for trade and social activities. The area is distinguished by civil society and civic engagement. Many non-profit organizations are active in this area.

It has shown that Kommersen, with its spectacular configuration is the home of many values, for example cultural, everyday cultural, social, economic, ecological and aesthetic. That goes hand in hand with many of City Planning Office's stated objectives for the area.

Recovery of the values

The purpose of the project Kommersen 2.0: Culture Analytical planning North Masthugget is based on a recovery of as many as possible of the values Kommersen represents and discuss how these values can be enhanced and expanded in North Masthugget. The local knowledge, experiences and existing networks are important factors to the aim of this project.

Adding new dimensions

The project believes that space character as a tool in urban development adds a new dimension by highlighting local political, cultural and historical aspects. Aesthetic and artistic processes are made visible - many with hints of participation and civic engagement – which lets the unexpected and vibrant take place. A community-based aesthetic practice also provides many educational opportunities.


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Type: Scientific article (peer-reviewed)
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Type: Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief