The Culture hub, Culture and Cultural Heritage for sustainable Cities step 2

The main objective of the Culture Hub is to build a sustainable platform between the City of Gothenburg and the University of Gothenburg for collaboration, learning, method and theory development on the role of culture and cultural activities for sustainable urban development, especially focusing on the development and implementation of a cultural impact assessment tool – (KKA). Explicit aims are:

  • Broadening the study of the KKA process from the inner city to suburban areas
  • Broadening the scope of actors involved, from cultural workers and civil society to members of civil society
  • Broadening the scope of actors from the university of Gothenburg
  • Inviting actors from the region Västra Götaland

Gothenburg is in a major development phase and plans several projects with great impact on Urban space and city life affecting the citys excisting Culture and cultural Heritage.

Research questions

  • How do we best organize a collaboration plattform in this area?
  • Which theories and methods are best suited for the study of the role of culture and cultural activities for sustainable Urban development?
  • How can co-learning best be organized?

Results and usability

The Major result of the Culture Hub is the establishment of a sustainable platform and lasting collaboration between actors in the City of Gothenburg and the region Västra Götaland in the area of culture and cultural heritage for city development. Due to anchoring with relevant actors, there is a huge potential of The Culture Hub to make a great difference in this area.


The overall background is the role(s) of Culture and Cultural Heritage within the framework of sustainable city development and more specific in terms of ”socio-cultural transformations” as identified in Mistra Urban Futures international collaborative framework (Track 3), and especially the bullet point ”exploring the role of the humanities, arts and culture in sustainable urban development and as mechanism for Urban transformation”. To explore these issues the pilot:” A Cultural-Humanities Approach towards the Role(s) of Culture &Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Cities was set up and carried out between Sep 2016- Apr 2017. This pilot was a continuation of three earlier pilot studies conducted by the core group and partners during 2011-2014.

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I kulturens tjänst - intervju med Vanja Larberg 

Nytt verktyg för kultur i Göteborgs stadsutveckling - intervju med Mie Svennberg


Project members

  • Helene Brembeck

    Helene Brembeck is Professor at the Center for Consumer Research (CCR), Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI).

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  • Niklas Sörum

    Niklas Sörum( PhD) is Researcher and Senior Lecturer at the Center for Consumer Research (CCR), Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI). Niklas is also the Co-Project Leader of the Cultural Hub project.

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  • Ylva Berglund

    Ylva Berglund works as a curator and a coordinator at the Göteborg City Museum. She is also the Project Manager for the Culture Hub project, focusing on networking and collaboration with different stakeholders, and reference group. She will also report the projects progress at different platforms.

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Mikael Nanfeldt

Mikael Nanfeldt, Culture Strategic Director , Culture Strategic Department, Culture Administration, City of Gothenburg. Mikael is a member of the Culture Hub project’s steering committee.