Free online course on sustainable cities – starts April 2

Half of the world's population currently lives in cities. These cities are collectively responsible for three-fourths of global economic output. As urbanization intensifies, how will urban communities be impacted by the global challenges and opportunities of sustainable development?

In the massive open online course Sustainable Cities from SDG Academy, an initiative of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), explore the challenges currently faced by urban areas around the world – including poverty, unemployment, poor housing infrastructure, and constraints on productivity – and the extraordinary potential of these areas to enable change in the future. From infrastructure to culture to economic opportunity, learn how harnessing the power of urban development for global progress is imperative.

In Module 8, How can cities and urban areas be governed better to make them more sustainable? which will take place in June, our Director David Simon will give a lecture on Addressing the Opportunities of Secondary Cities. Edgar Pieterse and Susan Parnell from our partner in South Africa, African Center for Cities (ACC), will also be featured in the course and address various urban sustainability issues regarding cities.

The course content will be released starting April 2. Learn more about the course and enroll here: