Gothenburg's Climate programme recognized by the World Bank

To tackle climate change the World Bank is initiating a training program, the City Climate Planner Professional Certification Program, targeted at those who are intended to lead the development of a city’s climate strategy. 

The aim of the training program is to reinforce cities around the world’s capacity to develop high quality climate strategies and to strengthen the expertise of the city planners. The content of the training will be developed in cooperation with experts within the field. Anna Wenstedt, environment analyst, Environmental Administration, City of Gothenburg has been invited by the World Bank to participate in a workshop in Yokohama, Japan, March 23-27. 

Anna Wenstedt has been a member of the working group that has developed the Climate Programme for Gothenburg. Anna, what can the City of Gothenburg contribute with to the development of the training program?

-    The Climate programme’s goal and strategies include consumption as one important aspect, and the World Bank is interested in how we have done that. We off course want to share our experiences and contribute with that perspective in the workshop. We will also talk about how the program was developed and how several different actors have been involved in the work, including several municipal administrations, companies, academia, industry and non-profit organizations. 

What are your expectations for the workshop, Anna?

-    The workshop will hopefully provide support and valuable input to our work going forward and make us an attractive partner. We are also given the opportunity to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions globally, something that must not be forgotten. The World Bank’s ambition is to invite cities with ambitious climate strategies and plans to the workshop and based on that it will be a good opportunity for us to learn from other cities, make new contacts and promote our own work. 

The project WISE Well-being in Sustainable Cities has contributed to the Climate Programme for Gothenburg. The Report Low-carbon Gothenburg 2.0: Technological potentials and lifestyle changes has provided input to the Climate Programme and the results from the report has been used to analyze and define goals for consumption based greenhouse gas emission. 

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Anna Wenstedt, environment analyst, Environmental Administration, City of Gothenburg,