Plan of Implementation


You cannot assume that the results, insights and understandings which emerge from a project for joint knowledge production will also automatically, be put to use and be of benefit. Knowledge and understanding which are developed by people in one context will not automatically be taken over into other contexts or other circumstances. The operations we form part of are also complex in themselves; they are sluggish and difficult to influence.


I. It is important that new projects create conditions for project participants to be able to manage and develop newly-gained insights and lessons in their regular workplaces throughout the whole duration of the project.

II. As early as the stage of drawing up the project plan, the participants need to design a provisional plan for how the results will be communicated and managed.

III. It is important for the participants to discuss and revise the plan as the project develops and it becomes clearer what sort of results the project is generating.

” ...administrations haven't been able to integrate the new insights into the system, which means that when someone is replaced, you lose everything… ”