Identify the Problem


The first step toward joint knowledge production is to find out what the problem is. Make sure that the problem needs interdisciplinary knowledge.


I. Deeply rooted
The problem area can be chosen because it arises from issues that are deeply rooted in the daily work of one or more partners.

II. Open invitation
Issue an open invitation to those that have an idea about a project. The problem can be that most of the suggestions comes from researchers and very few from practitioners.

III. Workshops
Gather people and conduct a workshop where you discuss potential ideas of projects. The method is time-consuming but in return you get get a broad support among the partners. Meetings and workships can also generate projects even though it might not be the intended outcome of the meeting. Discussion about project ideas can arise and become concrete projects in the end.

”The challenge is to develop an understaning about the problems at hand that is interesting for both practitioners and researchers and to find the linkages between them.”