Pilot Projects


During the first two years of Mistra Urban Futures 2010-2011, five pilot projects were conducted in Gothenburg. The pilot projects have given us greater understanding of the opportunities created by this working mode.


Pilot. Multi-level governance - decision-making processes for sustainable urban development and regional development: how different forms of cooperation in decision-making and administration at political
and civil service level address the various challenges posed by the complexity of cities.

Pilot. A City Structure Adapted to Climate Change - Scenarios for a future Frihamnen: an analysis of various climate adaptation strategies and their potential impact on sustainable development in a low-lying harbour area undergoing transformation.

Pilot. Urban empowerment - cultures of participation and learning: how social and economic exclusion and socio-spatial segregation can be tackled by means of different types of capacity-building processes.

Pilot. Business-driven sustainable urban development: how different types of interaction and cooperation with business can facilitate the planning, construction and renovation of more sustainable urban structures.

Pilot. Urban games: the use of games and visualisation in urban transformation processes - schoolchildren, urban planners, interaction designers and researchers took part in game development, workshops and experiments.

Short Facts


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