The importance of Mistra Urban Futures in the Gothenburg region

The Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR) is one of Mistra Urban Futures Consortium members and founders, but what are the benefits from being a part of the Centre? The yearly report Sustainable Development Collaboration within Mistra Urban Futures (Samverkan kring hållbar stadsutveckling inom Mistra Urban Futures) answers that question. 

The report has been published since 2011 and highlights the projects GR are leading or taking part in. Focus for GR and all other partners to the Centre are how we can realise just cities. 

GR has a well-established Mistra Urban Futures network that gathers all thirteen municipalities that are a part of the region. The network among other things initiates, follows-up and communicates knowledge about collaborative research projects as well as encourages that the results will lead to usable tools and methods that will promote a sustainable development of the region. 

The biggest benefit for GR of taking part in Mistra Urban Futres is the access to the close collaboration between local, regional and national actors as well as researchers from different fields that has been established since the Centre started. This will allow us to develop methods and new ways of working to be able to reach a more sustainable urban development, says Lisa Ström, Coordinator Mistra Urban Futures, GR. 

Read more and download the report (in Swedish) 

Questions? Contact Lisa Ström, Coordinator Mistra Urban Futures, GR 



  • Samverkan kring hållbar stadsutveckling inom Mistra Urban Futures GR 2016