Initiatives working with Co-creation in Stockholm

What is the current state in Stockholm on co-creation for sustainable urban development? The Stockholm node of Mistra Urban Futures, established in 2017, began mapping and investigating initiatives working with co-creation for social-ecological sustainability all over the Stockholm region (with a total of 2,3 million residents) going on between 2018-2019.

Over 150 different processes were found. 26 of these were analysed in detail according to levels in involvement of participating actors, and the levels of complexity awareness with regards to co-creation displayed by their operations.

The investigation showed that less than half conducted co-creation in a structured way by using deliberate strategies, methods or tools to facilitate the process. Those who did structure their co-creation process had little in common. The report concludes that although many urban sustainability initiatives practice co-creation in the region, the knowledge on co-creation (theoretical and practical) is unevenly distributed. The report highlights the need for broader knowledge exchange and supporting interfaces between research and practice.

Read more about the Stockholm-nodes work and take part of Johan Larson Lindahls report part I and part II.

Johan Larson Lindahl  Sthlm Urban Forum
Johan Larson Lindahl presenterar delar av sin rapport på Stockholm Urban Forum i maj 2019