URBAN LECTURE - Bringing the City of Gothenburg and Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality together

Collaboration around sustainable, just and accessible cities

When? 5th of March, 15.00-17.00
Where? Gothenburg, Mistra Urban Futures, Läraregatan 3, Foyer
Tram stop: Kapellplatsen

We welcome mainly public officials from the City of Gothenburg. 
No registration needed. First come, first served.

The City of Gothenburg and Nelson Mandela Bay has a long-term ongoing partnership. Within the partnership the two cities are working together in a mutual learning-project around sustainability, justice and accessibility. The project aims to develop recommendations on how to create more accessible cities from four perspectives: physical/spatial, social/democratic, economical and notional. These shall be implemented in both cities. The project is funded by ICLD, International Centre for Local Democracy and Mistra Urban Futures.

Welcome to listen to 
•    A conceptual framework of local development, Deon Pretorius, Professor, Director Development Partners, Nelson              Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa
•    Realising Just Cities, David Simon, Professor, Director Mistra Urban Futures 
•    Reflecting, commenting and questions also from participants

Questions? Åsa Lorentzi, asa.lorentzi@ostra.goteborg.se

Warm welcome!
Project Accessible Cities and Mistra Urban Futures

Arranged by: The City of Gothenburg, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and Mistra Urban Futures                              


  • A Conceptual Framework for Local Community Development D Pretorius

Läraregatan 3, 412 96, Göteborg