Test of web based dialogue tool

Mistra Urban Futures, the Swedish Transport Administration and the City of Gothenburg are developing a web-based and interactive dialogue tool. The tool is currently being tested live for the first time in conjunction with the Transport Administration project Simrishamnsbanan, a planned rail way between Malmö and Simrishamn.

The tool makes it possible for interested parties to contribute with knowledge about an area directly on a map on the project website or in connection with the six meetings with the public held in March. Two of the meetings have already been held and the tool has gotten positive response from the users. The idea is to make it easier for the residents to provide information and thoughts about the area being developed.The tool allows the user to select areas and add comments or photos. Users can also comment on other people's comments and thus discuss a specific area or issue. The idea is to give organizations such as Transport Administration the possibility to collect information about a specific area at an early stage in the project. Getting in people's ideas and thoughts at an early stage gives the organization a better opportunity to consider the comments.