Solutions to the pollution of cities – discussed at conference

Skopje, Macedonia is one of the most polluted cities in the world. November 1-2 researchers convene to find solutions at the conference Pollution of cities: What are the solutions? The conference is organized by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Research Center for Environment and Materials. 


Mistra Urban Futures’ researcher Mirek Dymitrow has been invited by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts to hold a presentation titled "Solving the unsolvable? Pollution as a factor creating the modern outpost of unsustainability" which is a result of a Swedish, Polish and Macedonian collaboration. 

The presentation builds on the newly published article in the Bulletin of Geography Can urban environmental problems be overcome? The case of Skopje—world’s most polluted city and lessons from the Urban Research seminar Wicked problems or wicked solutions? Sustainability–differently and the report from the seminar. 

The presentation problematises the need to think differently to overcome societal challenges, which very much characterises the project Research Forum Urban Rural Gothenburg, which Mirek Dymitrow heads. 

“The idea is to focus on the dynamics of change in relation to any taken-for-granted idea underpinning existing societal structures as gender relations, economic regulations and climate awareness, etc. By resorting to STS Science and Technology Studies and social psychology, the presentation seeks more holistic, human-centered, explanations for the retention of undesired ways of thinking – in science, societal planning and beyond. This is done be exploring the concept of the ‘modern outpost of unsustainability’, i.e. localities exhibiting a complex web of social entanglements causing and maintaining several dilemmas at once: severe air pollution; poor waste management; poor public health; widespread corruption; economic and social irresponsibility – to mention but a few”, says Mirek Dymitrow. 

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Abstract - Solving the Unsolvable? Pollution as a Factor Creating the Modern Outpost of Unsustainability
Book of Abstracts - Pollution of the cities in the Republic of Macedonia: what are the solutions?”

Photo by Suganth on Unsplash


  • Book of Abstracts
  • Abstract Solving the unsolvable? Pollution as a factor creating the modern outpost of unsustainability