New co-ordinator and project leader for the Stockholm node

Sofie Iveroth Pandis

Sofie Pandis Iveroth is the new co-ordinator and project leader for the Stockholm node. In addition to her role in Mistra Urban Futures she is also the project leader for Innovationsplattform Hållbara Stockholm at Exploateringskontoret in the municipality of Stockholm with a focus on sustainable urban development. 

Sofie has a background as a civil engineer in environmental and chemical engineering and also as a primary school teacher. Sofie got her PhD in June 2014 at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) with her thesis ”Industrial ecology for sustainable urban development- the case of Hammarby Sjöstad” that focuses on sustainable urban development from a perspective based on industrial ecology. This work resulted in a number of reports and publications in high ranking international scientific journals such as Environment, Development and Sustainability, Journal of Cleaner Production and Energy Policy.