Cape Town Platform members attend Green Economy Reference Group meeting

The City of Cape Town's Green Economy Reference Group held its second meeting on 27 February. Business, civil society and academic thinkers were invited to suspend their agendas and important work-programmes, to focus on the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of their respective work as part of a knowledge community.

Professor Martin De Wit presented research from a project around the application of a cost-benefit prioritisation to urban climate change adaptation options, given the high levels of uncertainty around impact and the unsuitability of Gross Domestic Product as a metric of benefit in the particular context of Durban. The research is appearing shortly in a publication*.The short presentation was followed by a lively discussion; testimony to the pent up demand for time in which professionals and officials working on Cape Town's green economy can engage conceptual issues. The reference group convenes quarterly and is organised by the Cape Town Platform.


*Cartwright, A; Blignaut, J; De Wit, M; Goldberg, K; Mander, M; O'Donoghue, S and Roberts, D (2013) Economics of climate change adaptation at the local scale under conditions of uncertainty and resource constraints: the case of Durban, South Africa. Environment and Urbanization.  Vol 25(1): 1–18.