Publication award to Merritt Polk and Lotten Westberg

A Mistra Urban Futures article has been elected as a ‘Best article of the year’ by the Springer journal ‘Sustainability Science’. The article explores the experiences of transdisciplinary project work in three Mistra Urban Futures projects.

‘We believe that the authors deserve recognition for diligent work beyond citation count and other article metrics’ writes Springer about the award: ‘This serves as an indicator for our readership to find high quality, new research publications’.

The article adds new knowledge to the central aspect of learning from participating in transdisciplinary projects. When people from different sectors of society, including both research and practice, engage in solving the same problem or adding new knowledge to a particular challenge, the outcome in terms of learning is essential. However, this does not happen automatically and the practice-based approaches that the article presents provide some analytical tools to understand how knowledge is exchanged between practitioners and researchers.

The article is found at journal’s web site:

Unfortunately it is not Open Access; we are exploring the options to change it. If you are interested in the article and can't access it through the site, please let us know.