Welcome to our new office

In the beginning of January we opened the doors to our brand new office in Gothenburg for the first time. But barely anything is new, most part of the interior decoration is second hand. The old furnishings have found a new home.

Antique chairs reupholstered with fabric from used coffee sacks, a beautifully worn leather sofa, hand-woven old carpets and a library creates a homely and welcoming atmosphere. A living room in the city.

There has long been a demand from our project to hold meetings at our office and now there is finally that possibility. There are in total three meeting rooms, two smaller and one larger. There are also guest workplaces to borrow if you feel like staying and working for a while.

The architects behind the job are White and they have managed to transform an old art gallery into a vibrant office and meeting place. 4Cycle is the company behind the second-hand and creative decor.