Cost-Benefit Analysis for Climate Change Adaptation

On June 4, Anton Cartwright presented the Cost Benefit Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation paper that he recently published in Environment and Urbanization as part of a webinar series hosted by GIZ on the "economics of climate change adaptation".

The event was attended by participants from Mexico, Peru, South Africa, USA, Germany and the United Kingdom and was well received. The webinar was remarkable for the software (called SABA) used by GIZ. The software allows for  very high levels of interaction  including questions, applause, comments, queries and its increasing use should form part of cost, emissions and time saving approaches to international conferencing and knowledge sharing.

The host of the webinar provided this feedback: Dear Anton, Thanks so much for your great presentation, I think people were really interested and really liked the case you presented!!! All the best, Sofia Muñoz Alarcón.

Watch the webinar.